From a Coffee Shop Window

January 5, 2017

I’m sitting upstairs in one of my favourite coffee shops a extra hot cortado by my side, Don Henley in my ears.  Looking out of the window the town centre is coming alive at 8.25 on a Thursday morning.

The Farmer’s Market is setting up, not many of them today, it’s just into the New Year and it’s cold !





The Christmas tree is still up, a bit bedraggled now (we’ve had some rain) but it’s still twinkling.

Buses carrying passengers constantly pass by my window. people are walking to and fro to work , taking children to school. Students walking to the local sixth form college pass by in groups,

chatting, looking at their phones and listening to their music. People come into the shop blowing on their fingers grateful to be out of the cold. Many are regulars and  we begin to recognise each other.

Eventually we begin to smile at each other and a new connection begins.

My coffee is finished. It’s time to move on, the day has begun.