Last Week

January 11, 2017

Last week I created





A sweet calendar for my desktop, thanks to 2LilOwls for the template get it HERE.

I set up my 2017 metadata preset in Lightroom thanks to Kim Klassen if you are interested the post is HERE

A trip to Bristol to see children and move furniture.

I continued with my IG quote a day posts.




I’m trying to find my way back into creating, but so far I’m struggling. I know it will come back I just have to be patient. But I was thrilled to be profiled on Anna Aspnes Website as a featured artist, I’m so grateful to her for her wonderful classes and to all my Facebook friends for their encouragement and congratulations. The post is HERE.


Finally, a wonderful quote from David duChemin he hits the nail every time. Have a great week

Photography is easier than we all make it seem. The magazines and books want to keep you on the hook for more and more advice, the next great secret, the next top tricks. Learn to expose well. Learn to focus. Study composition like your life depends on it. Now go make photographs. You will learn more from cutting the apron strings and experimenting on your own, and you’ll find your voice faster.

~ David duChemin


  1. I LOVE David and his quotes! His blog is one I read regularly and soak in the words. I am unable to see your post showing for March 4, but I want to congratulate you again, on the impressive and well-deserved accomplishment of being invited to Anna Aspnes’ team! I’ve loved your artful work since I first saw it, knowing you are so talented with the digital techniques that are used in digital art. Congratulations Viv!!

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